“With this Pastoral Letter, a document meant to clearly outline the Priority Plan of the Diocese of Rapid City, I invite us as a local Church to engage and fully embrace this pal so that, as our Sacred Mission states, we can “attract and form intentional disciples who joyfully, boldly, and lovingly proclaim and live the mission of Jesus Christ, leading to eternal life.” I urge every priest, every deacon, every religious, every member of the faithful — every father, every mother, every young adult, every high school student, every college student, every grandparent and single adult — ALL OF US — to adopt the Core Values and Pastoral Priorities outline in the Priority Plan of the Dioceses of Rapid City. If these values become the focus of our lives as individuals, as families, as parishes, as a diocese, we will move from being a mission diocese to a diocese with a mission; we will move from being maintenance0-driven to mission driven; we will more completely live the mission of Jesus Christ.”
+Bishop Robert D. Gruss”

Check your mailbox today for your copy of Pastoral Letter from Bishop Robert D. Gruss!

As you read and reflect upon this Diocesan Priority Plan and our vision statement – Reconcile – Make Disciples – Live the Mission – begin to pray and ask the Holy Spirit how you might be called to engage this vision in a personal way and in your parish community. Ask the Holy Spirit to prepare your heart to live this inspiring vision and pray for the fruitfulness of this important mission for our Diocese.

Through the efforts of all of us, I am very hopeful that we will create a healthy, vibrant diocese for years to come – building the Kingdom of God. May God continue to abundantly bless you, your family and the Diocese of Rapid City.
+Bishop Robert D. Gruss

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