Men who are ordained to the permanent diaconate promise to live out the charism of service to God and the people of God through a life of ordained ministry. This commitment is characterized by service to the Word of God, the Sacraments of the Church, and a life of Heroic Charity.

The role of the deacon is to be a helper of the bishops and priests, to proclaim by his life the Church’s call to serve the needs of others, to proclaim the Gospel message, to live a life of fidelity to Christ and the Church and to lead the community in building a Kingdom of grace, faith, justice, and compassion. The deacon is to be a sign and living witness of the presence of Christ the Servant in the world.

Permanent Deacons share with other ordained members of the Church a dedication to serve God’s people through the proclamation of the Word, administration of the Sacraments, the offering of Worship to God through Christ, the service of the poor and the faithful of Christ. Since the Second Vatican Council the Church has seen even more clearly that the deacon is called to serve the Bishop, and his Priests, by becoming more intimately associated with, and involved in the life of the poor, the marginalized, the forgotten, the abandoned, the silent, and the voiceless. The deacon is asked to give his voice to the poor so that their concerns may be heard by the whole Church, especially the Bishop. Intimately united to the ministry of the Bishop and the Priests they are called to serve the Church, giving their lives in service to their brothers and sisters, the People of God.


The Permanent Diaconate in the Diocese of Rapid City