Welcome to the Office of the Chancellor!

Thank you for visiting this page. I hope it will help you become acquainted with the Diocese of Rapid City.

The mission of the Office of the Chancellor is simply to support the role of the bishop in his ministry as shepherd of the Diocese of Rapid City.

You may be wondering what the title of chancellor means and what the chancellor does. Those are two very good questions.

By definition, the chancellor is the principal record-keeper of a diocese with all the tasks associated with that responsibility. The chancellor has responsibilities to the legal corporation and is also an ex-officio member of several diocesan boards and committees.   The chancellor often has other duties at the discretion of the bishop of the diocese. Practically, the smaller the diocese, the more diverse is the role of the chancellor.

In the Diocese of Rapid City, added responsibilities include routine personnel matters, departmental support and consultation, preparation of a variety of annual reports and the role of communications director.

Sr. Christine Hernandez

Archivist Kathy Cordes is a close associate of the chancellor and maintains all diocesan documents in a manner consistent with good archival practices.

Kathy Cordes

Irene Lee is the office receptionist who greets visitors to the office and answer the phone. Should you have the opportunity to visit or call the office, be assured you will receive a cheerful and professional welcome.

Irene Lee