Office of the Vicar for Clergy

The vicar general is a priest who has been appointed by the bishop to assist him in matters concerning the spiritual, physical and psychological health of the clergy in the diocese, active and retired.  The Vicar is the contact point between clergy and Bishop regarding these issues.

Meet our Current Vicar for Clergy

Fr. Michel Mulloy is a native of Mobridge, South Dakota. He was ordained a priest in 1979 for the Sioux Falls Diocese but soon after was sent to Rapid City for one year, to assist at the Cathedral. He later joined the Rapid City Diocese. Father Mulloy was an associate for four years before becoming a pastor in Faith, South Dakota and its missions. Since then he has served as pastor of St. Francis in Sturgis and Blessed Sacrament in Rapid City. Father Michel’s longest pastorate was 12 years at the Cathedral. In 2016 he accepted an assignment to McLaughlin, Kenel and Bullhead. In May of 2017 he was appointed full time Vicar General of the Diocese and relocated to Rapid City to be closer the chancery. In addition to his parish work, through the yearsFather Mulloy has been a Consultor, Presbyterial Council member, the Office of Worship Director, Vocation Director, a member of the Contingency Board and served on several other committees.


BA in Classical Humanities from St. Mary University, Winona.