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Pete Adams
Administrative Assistant for the Office of Faith Formation
605-343-3541 x2234
Holly Baughman
Event/Wedding Coordinator
Terra Sancta Retreat Center
Germaine Little Bear
Director of Native Ministry
Chancery Office
605-343-3541 x2254
Becky Berreth
Assistant Editor
(605) 343-3541 x2225
Social Media
West River Catholic
Robin Bommersbach
Diocesan Accountant
(605) 343-3541
Dottie Borowski
(605) 343-3541 x2245
Daniel Brechtel
Facility Manager
Terra Sancta
(605) 716-5214 x209
Angie Brosnan
Parish Accounting Manager
(605) 343-3541 x2233
Carole Brown
Director of Sioux Spiritual Center
Sioux Spiritual Center
(605) 985-5906
Fr. Brian Christensen
Director of Diaconate Formation Program
Cathedral of Our Lady of Perpetual Help
(605) 342-0507
Tanya Cooper
Assistant to Vicar General, Diaconate Formation, Lay Ministry, and Vocations
(605) 343-3541 x2212
Kathy Cordes
(605) 343-3541 x2217
Jacques Daniel
Director of Communications/Assistant Director of Faith Formation
(605) 343-3541 x2242
Linda Drake
Pastoral Ministry Assistant
(605) 343-3541 x2231
Laurie Hallstrom
(605) 343-3541 x2222
Megan Hamer
Accounting Services, Terra Sancta Retreat Center
Terra Sancta Retreat Center
(605) 716-0925
Mark Hazel
Facilities Director
(605) 343-3541 x2219
Very Rev. Leo Hausmann, JCL
Vicar General/Tribunal Judge
(605) 343-3541
Very Rev. Tim Hoag, JCL
Judicial Vicar
(605) 343-3541 x2237
Rev. Dan Juelfs, JCL
Defender of the Bond
Rev. Mark Horn, JCL
(605) 343-3541 x2239
Amy Julian
Director of Family Life Ministries
(605) 343-3541 x2240
Irene Lee
Chancery Office
(605) 343-3541
LeeAnne Lindholm
Parish Accounting
605-343-3541 x2232
Fr. Mark McCormick
Director of Vocations
(605) 343-3541 x2241
Rev. Kerry Prendiville
Vicar for Clergy
St. Therese the Little Flower Church
Regina Rangel-Sanchez
Head Chef
Terra Sancta
Bruce Rook
Director of Human Resources/Safe Environment
Chancery Office
605-343-3541 x2223
Deacon Greg Sass
Director, Office of Permanent Diaconate/Lay Ministry
(605) 343-3541 x2228
Terri Schaefers
Parish Accounting
(605) 343-3541 x2236
Sr. Christine Hernandez, SCTJM
(605) 343-3541 x2211
Sr. Rachel Gosda, SCTJM
Director of Pastoral Ministries/Faith Formation
Chancery Office
(605) 343-3541 x 2243
Elizabeth Siemieniak
Administrative Assistant
(605) 791-7293
Office of Development
Rick Soulek
Chief Financial Officer
(605) 343-3541 x2214
Teresa Spiess
Bishop's Secretary
(605) 343-3541 x2218
Terra Sancta Event Staff
Terra Sancta Retreat Center
Linda Thomas
Parish Accounting
(605) 343-3541 x2213
Phillip Thomas
Parish Accounting
(605) 343-3541 x2230
Todd Tobin
DIrector of Development
605-343-3541 x2215
Tammi Williams
Administrative Assistant/Ecclesiastical Notary
(605) 343-3541 x2244
Maureen Wilson
Director of Terra Sancta Retreat Center
(605) 716-0925