Diocese of Rapid City Office of Worship

The Office of Worship is responsible for overseeing the liturgical life of the diocese. Working closely with the Bishop, the office provides assistance to pastors and liturgical ministers by answering questions and helping them understand and plan for liturgies and other liturgical events in their parishes. The director also sits on the Diocesan Building committee to offer comments concerning the building or renovation of liturgical spaces in the diocese. The director of the Office also oversees the planning and celebration of diocesan events at the Cathedral and elsewhere in the diocese.

Liturgical calendar for the Diocese of Rapid City:  PDF

Liturgy Preparation Plan

Liturgical Inculturation for Catholic Lakota People

Sacred Silence

Prayer Card

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What does the Holy Father want us to know about the Mass?

Pope Francis presented a series of teachings on the Mass during his Wednesday General Audience.  Below are links to the presentations.

In 2017 the Diocesan Liturgy Commission conducted a survey of parishioners in the diocese regarding their experience in the celebration of the Eucharist in their respective parishes. The results were collated and analyzed and this document contains those results. Additional reports on each Deanery’s responses and each parish responses who participated are also available by calling the chancery,  605-343-3541 or by contacting your pastor.

This questionnaire was part of the Diocesan Pastoral Plan. It was one of the goals under the foundational ministry of Sacraments and Worship. The Liturgy Commission of the Diocese will use this information to chart its work into the next two years.

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