As disciples of Christ, our passion for and faithful understanding of the liturgy to inspire and foster transformation of the clergy and laity, in all our diversity, in our celebration of the liturgy, so that all will encounter Christ in union with one another, by the power of the Holy Spirit for the praise and glory of God.


Prayerfulness:  Openness of mind and heart and the generous response to the movement of God in all we do

Charity:  Willing the good of others with care, compassion, hospitality and respect

Humility: Truth of self before God and others

Knowledge: Understanding gained through study, experience and encounter with the liturgical mystery

Authenticity: Honest and real sharing of our vulnerability with God, self and others

Key Responsibility Areas (KRA)

Educate ourselves – to fulfill our values and be an effective resource for the diocese

Monitor diversity, cultural climate, changes and needs – to effectively address the

complex situations of our diocese so that our recommendations can be implemented in a way that works for each parish or parish group, each area of the diocese and each ethnicity

Define liturgical standards – to bring about a renewal that will be uniform for the diocese and to facilitate appropriate training where needed

Identify resources on the liturgy for parishes – to assist parishes and individuals in their

liturgical growth and to avoid frustration by offering resources tailored to help meet defined standards

Prioritize liturgical life in the diocese – to ensure that the liturgical life of the diocese remains central and intentional

Liturgical Planning

Liturgical calendar for the Diocese of Rapid City:  PDF

Liturgy Preparation Plan

Liturgical Inculturation for Catholic Lakota People

Sacred Silence

Prayer Card

Click the image for a printable prayer card.

What does the Holy Father want us to know about the Mass?

Pope Francis presented a series of teachings on the Mass during his Wednesday General Audience.  Below are links to the presentations.