Crash Course in Trauma: PTSD, Part 2, Traumatic re-enactment

2/22/2021  8:00 MST
60 minutes
CEU’s available

Description:  Since repetition is one of the greatest indicators of trauma, knowledge of traumatic reenactment will be a valuable tool for helping to understand behaviors which re-create aspects of the original trauma, such as powerlessness, destruction, fear, and shame.

Examples of post-traumatic reenactment will be given within the framework of eating disorders, multiple abortions, as well as anxiety over fertility, maternal identity, and sexuality. Until the trauma is fully acknowledged and worked through in an intensive way, individuals will continue to re-create the conflict again and again.

This can be particularly painful for those who have accepted Christ, but continue in compulsive self-destructive and shaming behaviors, which are rooted in Christ.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand the concept of traumatic reenactment.
  2. Identify therapeutic challenges.
  3. Understand how the trauma can be grounded in safety so that an individual can reconnect, integrate, and mourn the traumatic event so that it can be released and healed.

“Medical” Abortions

The Deadly Assault on Mother and Child

February 22, 2021  10:30 AM MST
60 minutes
CEU’s available

Description:  Both chemical and surgical abortions have their risks. However, chemical abortions seem to be setting new trends as the abortion of choice, touting fewer complications, and privacy.

But what is the reality? Not only are there serious physical consequences from the chemical assault, but there are also obvious psychological, moral, and social consequences to this procedure.

Billed as an “emergency contraceptive”, Ella is recommended for use up to five days after intercourse, while other chemical cocktails are recommended to abort babies up to nine weeks gestation.

This workshop will examine the trauma associated with chemical abortions and some of the grief reactions that commonly occur. The goal of this workshop is to assist those who suffer from this type of abortion in the context of therapeutic interventions.

The material presented will also include cases we have witnessed on retreats, the unique and complicated form of grief, and the associated symptoms. In addition, we will explore the many legal cases resulting in convictions where women were given these chemical cocktails without their knowledge to force unwanted abortions.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Examine the emotional and physical trauma associated with chemical abortion.
  2. Explore the common grief reactions following medical abortions.
  3. Describe the link between eating disorders and chemical abortions.
  4. Understand the implications of the “home” as being a connector to traumatic sensations.
  5. Outline potential risk factors associated with chemical assault on endocrine reproductive system.

First Things First

Nurturing your Primary Vocation, Prayer and Your Life in the Vine

February 22, 2021  12:00 PM MDT
60 minutes

Description:  The root of the word facilitation is ʻfacilʼ, or ʻeasyʼ, so facilitation means ʻto make it easyʼ. The role of the facilitator in Rachelʼs Vineyard is to facilitate the work of the Holy Spirit.

How does one ʻmake easyʼ the work of the Holy Spirit? How does one co-facilitate with the Holy Spirit?

This two-part workshop will explore the unique role of the retreat facilitator, as well as the skills, tools, and considerations essential to facilitating the retreat process.

The second part of the workshop will be a practicum where participants will apply these skills and tools through role-playing various retreat scenarios.

Some of the topics covered will include self facilitation, nurturing the environment, managing group process and group dynamics, discussion techniques, reading a group, intervention tips and strategies, and team facilitation.

Tracing the Roots, Tasting the Fruits

An Overview of the Rachel’s Vineyard Retreat

February 22, 2021  2:00 PM  MDT
60 minutes
This session does not offer CEU’s

Description:  Rachelʼs Vineyard is a unique combination of psychological and spiritual techniques, which provide a powerful model for assisting groups to find closure and spiritual healing after abortion.

This workshop will present a descriptive overview of the Rachelʼs Vineyard Retreat, including content and process. An in-depth explanation will be offered for the Living Scripture technique, the specific purpose of each exercise, and psychological and spiritual constructs as catharsis for memory and emotion.

We will also examine the retreat structure as a means to provide an opportunity for dialogue of the soul and opening traumatic wounds to the grace of God. We will explore how the retreat functions as a journey through the paschal mystery for the suffering body of Christ.

Crash Course in Trauma: PTSD, Part 1

2/22/2021  8:00 AM MST
60 minutes
CEU’s available

Description:  Part I—This two-part seminar will present a trauma-sensitive perspective on how women cope with pregnancy loss after induced abortion. Symptoms of PTSD as they relate to abortion will be described. An examination of how trauma may impact memory will be explored, including amnesia, hyperamnesia, and dissociation. Examples of avoidance, preoccupation, sleep disturbances, panic and anxiety, obsessive compulsive rituals, and numbing behaviors will be included.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify women at risk for psycho-social stress following induced abortion.
  2. Outline the symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder as they relate to pregnancy loss.
  3. Define PTSD.
  4. Identification of symptoms in three major categories:
    1. Hyper-arousal
    2. Intrusion
    3. Constriction
  5. Define dissociation.
  6. Test your recognition of symptom assessment.
  7. Review preliminary findings of the most recent record-based studies. (i.e. Increased psychiatric admissions following induced abortion, increased risk of suicide, etc.)