Crash Course in Trauma: PTSD, Part 1

2/22/2021  8:00 AM MST
60 minutes
CEU’s available

Description:  Part I—This two-part seminar will present a trauma-sensitive perspective on how women cope with pregnancy loss after induced abortion. Symptoms of PTSD as they relate to abortion will be described. An examination of how trauma may impact memory will be explored, including amnesia, hyperamnesia, and dissociation. Examples of avoidance, preoccupation, sleep disturbances, panic and anxiety, obsessive compulsive rituals, and numbing behaviors will be included.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify women at risk for psycho-social stress following induced abortion.
  2. Outline the symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder as they relate to pregnancy loss.
  3. Define PTSD.
  4. Identification of symptoms in three major categories:
    1. Hyper-arousal
    2. Intrusion
    3. Constriction
  5. Define dissociation.
  6. Test your recognition of symptom assessment.
  7. Review preliminary findings of the most recent record-based studies. (i.e. Increased psychiatric admissions following induced abortion, increased risk of suicide, etc.)