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What it means to be a ‘person of communion’

In September I attended the National Conference of Diocesan Vocation Directors in St. Louis, Mo. One of the breakout sessions was led by Father James Mason, a priest from the Diocese of Sioux Falls. He shared this wonderful story about being a newly ordained priest at Sacred Heart Parish in Gettysburg. He was an associate […]

Make the most of opportunities to encounter mercy

A Jubilee Year is drawing near. As we all know, Pope Francis has proclaimed an extraordinary Holy Year of Mercy. This Jubilee Year is to begin December 8, 2015, and will close on the Solemnity of Christ the King, November 20, 2016. He wrote in Misericordae Vultus: Bull of Indiction for the Holy Year of […]

Welcoming gestures can lead someone to Christ

One of the great gifts of Pope Francis, as witnessed during his recent visit to the United States, is his ability to touch the hearts of believers and nonbelievers alike by his willingness to engage in conversations that bring and lead to a fuller share and life in Christ. In his apostolic exhortation Evangelii Gaudium […]

‘Isn’t it time to defund Planned Parenthood?’

The videos are shocking, sickening, appalling and deeply disturbing. The videos to which I am referring are those released by the Center for Medical Progress revealing how Planned Parenthood employees admit that they harvest and sell fetal tissue and body organs from aborted babies for profit. It is a fact that a 17-week-old baby has […]

We can become instruments of God’s grace

  How did you do last month with my challenge? If you remember, I encouraged you to invite your neighbor over for dinner and dessert, to strike up a conversation with someone you do not know and to introduce yourself to a stranger or a visitor in your parish. Hospitality is all about invitation, and […]

Court decision troubling for traditional values

As we all know, on June 26 a deeply divided United States Supreme Court issued a morally tragic ruling for our country and its future by redefining marriage. This ruling will force all states to license and recognize marriages between two persons of the same sex. As I have had time to reflect upon this […]