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Generations have risen to call his name Blessed — The Fruits of Fr. Columban

Fr. Columban Bregenzer, OSB Preserving a Catholic Community By Kathy Cordes, Diocesan Archivist Interview with the Very Reverend Fr. Columban Bregenzer, OSB, VG, on August 12, 1941, titled Easter Sick Call.  Some license was taken to correct grammar, terminology and it includes two interviews.  In his own words, “the following story illustrates the difficulties under […]

Our amen should lift the rafters

(This is the fourth in a series of columns on the Eucharistic Prayer. To understand fully this text, refer to the November and December issues of the WRC.) In this series we have reflected on the Eucharistic Prayer. We have walked through the various aspects of the Eucharistic Prayer including the opening dialogue, the preface, […]