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Lent Reconciliation Schedule

Rapid City, Cathedral, Mercy Night, Thursday, Feb. 27 — 5:30-8:30 p.m. Hill City, St. Rose, Fridays: Feb. 28, Mar. 6 & Mar. 13 — 6:30 p.m. (following Stations of the Cross) Murdo, St. Martin, Thursday, March 5 — 6 p.m. Isabel, St. Mary, Sunday, March 8 — 3 p.m. Timber Lake, Holy Cross, Sunday, March 8 […]

Curia Corner — Moments in the diocesan archives

St. Anthony, St. Anthony, dear St. Anthony, please come around. Something is lost and needs to be found. Please Grant me the serenity to accept the collections I cannot decline and the courage to decline the collections I can! Did you know that archivists have their own serenity prayer and that St. Anthony is a […]

Liturgy of the Word requires whole-hearted attention

By Fr. Michel Mulloy, Director of Liturgy The Liturgy of the Word is a dialogue. God is speaking to us and we are responding. That dialogue is accomplished through the human persons. This makes the role of the proclaimer very important. The laity proclaim the first reading, the response and the second reading. Proclaimers are […]

Gathering Rite ritual draws faithful together

By Fr. Michel Mulloy The various ritual actions of the Gathering Rite draw the faithful together and prepare them to listen to the Word of God. Christ is present in his Body the Church when we gather, continuing his saving work. Presence in one building does not necessarily mean togetherness. The community shakes off the […]