The first night of the Diocesan Advent Mission “Go to Joseph” was held at Blessed Sacrament Church, December 1. The evening included testimonies from parishioners, adoration, and talk by seminarian Deacon Josh Lee.

During his talk, titled “The Heart of St. Joseph,” Deacon Josh touched on how Joseph’s heart had many aspects:

  • Adoration – “He’s the first one to meet Jesus and the first two get to see Jesus as he was born. And so, he spent all night adoring Jesus and I can imaging that he only grew in a deeper love for the father.”
  • Humility – “Joseph understood that he was part of a bigger plan and in humility he was going to step away. He said ‘God I’m not able to do this.’ And God sent the Angel to him to tell him, ‘no actually you are a part of this plan. I chose you.’ And what a beautiful thing it is that in the humility of his heart one of the greatest aspects if you’ve ever noticed, that in that humility he was able to say yes because he knew he wasn’t the focus of the plan.”
  • Obedience – “We hear when the Angel speaks to him in Matthew when the Angel speaks to him, he gets up and immediately goes to Mary. That’s a reflection for us that in that obedience to God he recognized that there are things that he needs to do to protect and take care of his family.”
  • Listening – “In that listening heart to every moment that God’s talking to Joseph he is listening very very carefully. He’s able to go ahead and do what he needs to do.”
  • Resting – “He trusted that God’s plan was good for him too. That in God’s plan he was taken care of.”
  • Courage – “It takes great courage to participate in things that you don’t know what the outcome is going to be.”
  • Pure – “Jospeh loved Mary purely. There wasn’t lust. He respected her completely. “

“Joseph’s heart in his tenderness was always growing in his love of God and his love of God’s son Christ who is also his son, his adopted son. And I imagine that Mary and Jesus also, as he was teaching them they were teaching him how to love deeper,” he said.

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