Understanding Shame Based Identities, Part II

Care for the Cure

June 14, 2021  10:00 AM MDT
90 minutes
CEU’s available

Description:  This workshop will give you the opportunity to score your own Traumatic Stress Index which may indicate past traumatic experiences resulting in trauma bonds.

Building upon the information learned in Shame Based Identities Part I – this seminar will teach clinicians how to administer The Trauma Bond Questionnaire and outline therapeutic strategies that you can employ for each area of concern.

Clinical examples will be given for each category of how recognition of pervasive lifetime patterns can help expedite recovery and addiction by awareness and conscious choices that can be made regarding your response when triggers arise.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand how attachments can occur in the presence of danger, shame and exploitation and the role of seduction, deception or betrayal being intertwined with danger, risk and fear.
  2. Define the “Stockholm Syndrome” as a form of traumatic bonding.
  3. Explain how traumatic shame can lead to exploitation.
  4. Describe the difference between guilt and shame.
  5. Outline the communication problems inherent in a dysfunctional family or organizational system.
  6. Learn to recognize feelings, dreams and childhood longings as important and deserving of attention and respect.