Video: three new deacons ordained

On March 31, Andy Clark, Lloyd Frein, and Craig Peterson were ordained permanent deacons at the Cathedral of Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Rapid City, by Bishop Robert Gruss. Did you miss the ordination? Click here or on a photo to see the Ordination Mass!

Andy Clark

Home Parish: St. Joseph, Gregory

Laying on of Hands

Work: Family Practice Physician

Family: Wife Patty; three children — Rachel (Dan), Caitlin (Jean-Baptiste), and Michael

Hobbies: Grow grapes and make wine, visit kids, fishing and exercise

Church Involvement: Mostly educational — taught RCIA and confirmation; lector,

Eucharistic minister, usher, and has served on the parish council

Why did you decide to become a deacon? I became Catholic when I was 26 years old. The church has given me a lot over my lifetime, and I’ve felt the need for several decades to serve the church. I felt the tug for the first time when I chaperoned the trip to World Youth Day in Denver in 1993, but it wasn’t a good time then to start anything. I started the lay ministry program seven years ago and I realized this was something I could do. I felt called to do this, the doors opened and I went through them.

What are you most excited about? People will know I’m a deacon and I hope they will come to me. I want to help people understand the church, why it does what it does. I am excited to be more involved with the church and talking to people about their faith and helping them through things.

Lloyd Frein

Home Parish: Sacred Heart, Philip

Work: Rancher

Promise of the Elect

Family: Wife Marianne; seven children: Laura, Tadd, Vance, Jacob, Patrick, Mikal, and Iane; 10 grandchildren

Church Involvement: Has taught RCIA and CCD; trains Eucharistic ministers and lectors; Chairman of the Stewardship Committee,

Eucharistic Minister, lector, acolyte, and has served on the parish council.

Why did you decide to become a deacon? I feel called to a ministry being involved with the priests and the need there. Being called by God’s gift and grace. We are always called to more.

What are you most excited about? Being involved with the church and my faith — we both lost our spouses and blended two families together. I really feel called to help with the grief process and families, to be there for the people and being able to pass on the gift of faith and the love of God that is so prevalent. I want to help share what the faith is and be with people on their journey.

Craig Pearson

Home Parish: St. Anthony, Hot Springs

Work: Retired

Handing on the Book of Gospels

Family: Wife Margie; two children, Amy and Cody

Hobbies: Fishing, four wheeling

Church Involvement: Both he and his wife teach RCIA. He is an Eucharistic Minister,

lector, sacristan, and in Knights of Columbus.

Why did you decide to become a deacon: I don’t know that it was a decision to say yes, but I decided not to say no. I spent five years of silent prayer and discernment, and I finally went and found people who could help me discern it. I said, if this is what you want then I won’t say no. I left it in the hands of the many people who have prayed for me and God.

What are you the most excited about? Doing whatever God wants me to do. I’ve always been someone who likes to serve. For many years I felt that was my excuse for not being that great at prayer. I am looking forward to more ministry to the homebound and the sick. It’s not my comfort zone. Margie and I have started doing some visits already. Father Kerry Prendiville has asked us to minister to a woman who recently passed away, and it wasn’t as scary as I thought. We found it to be rewarding.