My dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

We enter into the holiest period of the Church year where death and life meet through love. The Lord Jesus, victorious in life and death, leads us in triumph through the gates of holiness into the eternal Kingdom of our God.

Christ banished the darkness of sin and rose triumphantly from the grave. In this greatest act of mercy, God embraces a fragile world with a love so deep, a love so undeserved, but so freely offered and given. May this saving love bring about a true and lasting peace in our broken world.

The Father has saved us through his Son, thereby sending us into the world with a new sense of purpose, calling us to proclaim and give witness to this saving event.

My prayers remain with you and your families as we celebrate this great gift of Easter. May Jesus set your hearts aflame with His love so that we all become bearers of Christ’s radiant glory, filling the world with this new life.

Peace and love in Christ,
+Bishop Robert Gruss



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