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The crusade for religious freedom needs to continue

“Freedom” has been a constant theme in our country in recent weeks. We celebrated Independence Day a couple of weeks ago, giving thanks for the many freedoms we as Americans enjoy in this country. On that very same day, the Fortnight for Freedom concluded: a two week period whereby attention was drawn to our continuous […]

Religious freedom is a high priority

Religious freedom is on the minds of many Americans these days, especially as we await the final ruling from the United States Supreme Court on the Hobby Lobby lawsuit against the federal government. This lawsuit expresses Hobby Lobby’s opposition on religious grounds to the Health and Human Services mandate requiring employers to provide insurance coverage […]

Unconditional love: A tribute to mothers

The middle of May is already here. It has been a long winter for most of us and any sustained warm weather which facilitates the signs of spring and new life has been in hiding. Yet, there is much to celebrate during this month. This month of Mary and the rosary is filled with important […]

What do you see as you peer into the empty tomb?

Then the other disciple also went in …. and he saw and believed. (Jn 20:8). In this Easter account in John’s Gospel, Mary Magdalene and Peter, as they peered into the empty tomb, didn’t know what to make of it. The body of Jesus was gone. At this moment in Mary Magdalene’s life, her heart […]

Jesus wants so much more for us

What a beautiful reality it would be if every Catholic in the Diocese of Rapid City came to experience the deep, intimate love of our Lord Jesus. If this were to happen, our families, our culture, and our society would be transformed into what God intended. Father Pedro Arrupe, former Superior General of the Society […]

Open the heart to conversion and repentance

The winter has gone on long enough. People say, “I am so sick of winter. I can’t wait for spring.” Perhaps you may have said this yourself or at least thought it. We do get tired of the coldness and the “dead of winter” where there seems to be the absence of new growth and […]

The ‘Ten Best New Year Resolutions’

The Christmas season has come to an end and, the New Year has begun. The decorations have come down, and the trees have been put away. What a graced season it has been. After the consecration of our diocese to Our Lady on the Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God, I am excited what Our […]

One’s ‘yes’ is at the heart of Christmas

Christmas decorations began going up well before Thanksgiving Day. I received my first Christmas card a few days prior to Thanksgiving Day. We began the season of Advent three days after Thanksgiving Day. As we all know, the season of Advent continues until the celebration of Christmas. The official end of the Christmas season is […]

What do I own and what owns me?

In Luke’s Gospel, chapter 12, Jesus shares a parable which always makes me nervous because of its challenge. I always wonder if I am living up to the challenge. He says, “Much will be required of the person entrusted with much, and still more will be demanded of the person entrusted with more.” I believe […]

Surrender all aspects of life to stewardship

I want to reiterate that stewardship is at the very heart of our call to discipleship. Discipleship is not about volunteering, and stewardship is not about money, but surrendering all aspects of our lives to the Lord. Stewardship has the power to shape and mold our understanding of who we are as disciples. Christian stewards […]