Welcoming a new religious order to Rapid City

In last month’s print edition of the WRC I shared the news that we will be receiving sisters from the Servants of the Pierced Hearts of Jesus and Mary to serve in the Diocese of Rapid City. I can now provide an update on this new opportunity for our local church along with a request that you help me get the sisters settled here in Rapid City.

Mother Adela, the founder of the Pierced Hearts, will be sending us Sr. Christine, who will serve as our new Chancellor. With Margaret Simonson retiring after many years of excellent service I am grateful to have Sr. Christine succeed her in this very important position on my leadership team.

Mother is also sending Sr. Rachel who will succeed Susan Safford as Director of Pastoral Ministries and Faith Formation, another important leadership position on my diocesan staff. I am grateful to Susan for her great work over the years and we are blessed to have Sr. Rachel step into this role.

We will also be receiving two sisters to work for the Rapid City Catholic School System. Sr. Maria Belen will head up campus ministry at St. Thomas More Middle School and Sr. Brooke will do the same at St. Thomas More High School. I am very grateful that we will have these talented and energetic sisters ministering to our students, families and staff at STM.

MY REQUEST: Could you please help us welcome these new sisters and help them begin their service in our diocese? We are in the process of preparing and furnishing a suitable convent for them. We could use donations to help purchase appropriate furniture and supplies for the convent and help with the ongoing expenses involved, including the cost of rent for their housing and providing two vehicles for them. Please see the list of these opportunities on Page 2 of the WRC e-Edition June 2021 to help provide for this exciting new ministry in our diocese.

I am so grateful that God has opened this door for us.  Please join me in welcoming the Servants of the Pierced Hearts of Jesus and Mary to the Diocese!

+Bishop Peter