The Healing Power of Tears

October 17, 2022  12:00 PM MDT
60 minutes
Please note: this session is available for Rachel’s Vineyard Team Members only

Description:  This seminar will focus on the amazing health benefits found in tears! We will begin the seminar with a personal experiential reflection followed by brainstorming the many reasons that people are afraid to cry.

We will explore the critical importance of letting go of out-dated, untrue misconceptions and negative beliefs about expressing tears and grief.

Our bodies produce three kinds of tears: reflexive, continuous, and emotional. Each kind has very specific and unique healing role for the body and the immune system. During this seminar you will learn about each of these types of tears, ultimately demonstrating why it is healthy to cry.

Understanding the benefit of tears can help our clients surrender into the grieving process, allowing them to overcome resistance to the stages of grief. These stages include anger, denial, and avoidance.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Explore the reasons people are afraid to cry.
  2. List the physiological, emotional and physical benefits of crying.
  3. Understand how holding back tears and stuffing powerful emotions related to grief and trauma can aggravate depression and other health problems.