Strategic Planning Form

Completing the Parish Profile

  1. Complete the hard copy of the Strategic Planning Parish Profile that was sent to you or re-download the pdf document below (Step 1). Make sure all the questions are answered with the most accurate information available to you.
  1. Come back to this page and click the link to access the online form. When accessing the online form give yourself a minimum of 45 minutes to enter all the responses to the profile. The password to the online document has been sent to you either by email or regular mail. If you do not know the password you can contact Jacques Daniel at or Dr. John Usera at .
  1. If for some reason you have to leave or depart the online document while entering the responses, you can return to the document by following these steps:
    1. Access the online document by using the appropriate password.
    2. The online document will be blank (new).
    3. Enter the parish name, deanery number, and name of the person completing the document (items 1, 2, &3)
    4. Then advance to the place where you left off in the document and continue completing the form.
    5. All information you enter into the online document will be saved and accessible to the analyst.
    6. If you have any questions contact Jacques or John.