VSI Enrichment Certification: October 14 | 8am-5pm

Family, Become What You Are!

Join a variety of speakers as we delve deep into the ways that the Catholic family is called to image Christ in the world. We will explore Pope St. John Paul II’s Apostolic Exhortation on the Family in the Modern World and the variety of ways that parishes, schools, and other Catholic organizations can support the role of the family in fulfilling their particular mission. All are invited, especially parents who are wanting to know how to best live out the call to become more fully what they already are!

Speakers include: Sr. Sara Kowal, SCTJM | Jeff Hurd, Partner, Bangs McCullen Law Firm | Jacques and Annie Daniel, a family of 11 with kids ages 2-20 | Bridget Grapentine, MA Augustine Institute, wife and mother.

Topics include:

The Theology of the Family as an image of the Trinity and as the primary cell of society

The 4 tasks each family is called to: 

1)  Forming a Community of Persons – acting as the first school of love and unity, we will explore how the family builds unity through each member’s unique role.
2) Serving Life – beyond the initial transmission of life we will examine how the family serves this life in the important role of the education of children.
3) Participating in the Development of Society – as the primary cell of society we will delve deep into the societal harms to the family life and unity and how the family is the first and most important “school of social life.”
4) Sharing in the Life and Mission of the Church – as families receive their spiritual life from the Church nurished by the Life that flows from Her, we will examine how families become part of Her mission, and how parishes can help serve families better.

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