Curia Corner — Homilies from the past

A great sense of humor. A guitar playing cowboy. Do you need a few more hints to who delivered this homily in the 1970s? \

When I discovered this gem among his writings, growing up as a cradle Catholic, not only did it warm my heart, but I remember how instrumental he was in our young adults Catholic formation. It is a great tribute and very humbling to share with you the following homily on the Feast of Cana …..

When I was a little boy growing up on our farm 8½ miles west of Timer Lake, along with my older brother and sister … this serial movie was playing in the local movie theater, “The Green Archer!” On a Wednesday night. During the week! It was the last, the final movie of this series. We HAD to see it.

The heroine had been captured by the bad guy and was imprisoned in this sort of dungeon. Now, it was up to the Green Archer (he was all dressed in green, ya know) to rescue her.

A young Father Gerald Scherer with his siblings Louise and Wallace.
(Diocesan archives)

So, we really wanted to go. Dad was late coming in from the field and we knew he would be tired and hungry and thirsty. So, before he came into the house we went to mother.

‘Mom, please, please, when Dad comes in ask him to take us to “The Green Archer.’” She reluctantly asked him. He looked pretty tired but he washed up and changed clothes and we drove to the movie. I don’t think he even had time to stop and eat.

‘The children really want to see the last episode of “The Green Archer.”’

That’s all it took. ASK. That’s all it took. They have no wine.

P.S. The Green Archer saved the beautiful maiden! He stood at the top of a winding staircase and far below, in the dungeon, he saw the maiden lying on the floor, bound, hand and feet. Beside her a stick of dynamite with a burning and sizzling fuse attached.

He fit an arrow to his bow, took aim, and the arrow zipped down the winding staircase and cut off the fuse just a couple of inches from the stick of dynamite. She was saved! And we children saw it because our mother said to our father:

‘The children really want to see the last episode of “The Green Archer.”’

That’s all it took.

They have no wine. That’s all it took.

Rev. Gerald Scherer, a great discovery in our archives. An important document that will live on due to the preservation efforts of our diocesan archives.