Choice Evangelism

. . . the conspiracy of the Feminist Matriarchy

October 18, 2021  2:00 PM MDT
60 minutes
CEU’s not availble for this session

Description: This class focuses on the how many feminists seek to devalue and discount pregnancy and the mothering experience.

Their idea that abortion is a fundamental right, or the only way that women can care for themselves does not reflect the way that women actually experience abortion. It is more inherently felt as a violation of oneself rather than a caring and nurturing of oneself.

Yet women who were traumatized by this loss turn a blind eye to inner feelings of grief and oppression. Instead they vent their fervent emotions onto safer targets . . . like politics, religion, and legal battles.

This class will attempt to give you a better understanding of why some feminists have worked so hard to keep abortion legal, and how you can stand up and fight back for the rights of women. Case studies include Phyllis Chesler, Gloria Steinem, Kate Michelman, Ninia Baehr, and many more.

Learning Objectives:

  1.  To identify the psychological motivation behind early feminist need to keep abortion legal.
  2. To understand the principle repetitions of trauma in the framework of feminist theology, politics, and psychology.