Bishop Muhich October 2020

Help us rise above our weaknesses
Greetings to all the members of our beautiful diocese. I have continued to visit parishes across the diocese this past month and have enjoyed meeting a number of you and confirming a number of our youth. I am struck by the goodness of our people and how welcoming you have been to me. Thank you for that.
This month of October began with the Bishop’s Pheasant Hunt for Vocations at St. Hubert’s Hideaway in the southeastern part of the diocese. It was good to welcome Bishop Robert Gruss back for the hunt and to spend the day in that beautiful place.
October is a month when we focus our attention on two important realities: the sanctity of every human life from conception until natural death and Our Blessed Mother under her title “Our Lady of the Holy Rosary.” Please join me in praying for a greater awareness in our society of the sacred gift of human life. If our nation could embrace this important truth I believe it would cut through the anger and divisions we so often see these days and allow us to come out of our polarized positions and encounter each other as the gifts from God that we truly are — no matter how flawed.
Please join me in asking Our Lady’s intercession for our country as we approach the elections next month. Please pray the rosary and ask her to help us to rise above our human weaknesses and work for the protection of human life and the common good. God bless you.
+ Bishop Peter M. Muhich
Diocese of Rapid City