Bishop Muhich November 2020

To everything there is a season… 
The month of November coming as it does at the end of the liturgical year is filled with Scripture passages that speak of the “4 Last Things”: death, judgement, heaven, and hell. As the winter months stretch before us we see in the natural world (in the Northern hemisphere) a dying taking place. Plants go into dormancy, many animals and reptiles hibernate, and the greens of spring and summer fade into browns and grays. What happens in nature forms an echo of the deeper spiritual realities marked in the church’s liturgy. The church began this month with the great Solemnity of All Saints, reminding us of our destiny if we cooperate with God’s grace. The next day we marked the Commemoration of All Souls, remembering to lift up our deceased brothers and sisters in prayer as they are prepared to see God face to face as they pass through purgatory. Please join me in praying for those who died this past year in our diocese and its parishes. May they rest in peace. November is also the month when our Annual Diocesan Appeal takes place. Please be as generous as you can. Our ministries across the diocese rely heavily on your support of the annual appeal.
Many thanks,
+Bishop Peter M. Muhich
Diocese of Rapid City