‘Mystery of the resurrection is rich and deep

In John’s Gospel Mary Magdalene arrives at the tomb on Easter Sunday morning and finds it empty except for the linen burial cloths. The Lord had risen from the dead and would appear to her and his other disciples over the course of 40 days before ascending to the Father.

What does it mean that he had risen?  The mystery of the resurrection is rich and deep. What I would like to point out in this short column is that the Lord rose bodily from the dead. This might seem obvious, but it bears pointing out. The Lord himself does this in many of his

resurrection appearances. For example, He tells Thomas to put his finger into his side and stop doubting. In another appearance He asks for a piece of fish and eats it after saying he is not a ghost.

Jesus did not shed his body in the resurrection but rose in his body. He did this to free us from the ravages of sin and death and lift us up into a glorified life. We have received the new life the Lord won for us in baptism and this new life is strengthened in us as we receive the other sacraments, but we have much to look forward to in the resurrection on the last day. Life freed from sin and death will include a glorified body that will never age and will share the characteristics of Jesus’ glorified body which we read about in his resurrection appearances. I ask you to remember this article of our faith and meditate on it. It has much to teach us.

May God bless you richly during this Easter Season.

+Bishop Peter