(Photo: outgoing Executive Director Tim Henderson, outgoing Board of Directors President Tony Berendse and Msgr. Michael Woster. Msgr. Woster will head the WSDCF until new leaders are selected.)

Tim Henderson, executive director of the Western South Dakota Catholic Foundation is retiring December 31, 2021, after eight years of service. He started working for the church in 2013. Originally, his title was Executive Director of the WSDCF and Development Director of the Diocese of Rapid City.

The Western South Dakota Catholic Foundation was incorporated on Dec. 30, 1992, to benefit the church and provide for future needs. The foundation seeks gifts including trusts, estates, and wills that will add to permanent growth, allowing the endowment funds to generate investment earnings, and support the church across the diocese.

The endowment funds have grown to $25 million, and the foundation board of directors typically awards about $1 million for specific grant requests. Among those grants, in the 2020-2021 fiscal year, the foundation awarded $380,000 to chancery operations. Other awards went to parishes and organizations.

During Henderson’s tenure the jobs were separated into two different offices. Discussing the separation of the jobs, Henderson said. “Part of the logic was to have both entities treated separately for legal purposes. Also, there was just too much going on for one person to provide enough energy and productivity for both jobs — there’s plenty to do.”

Currently, Development Director Todd Tobin and Development Operations Elizabeth Siemieniak are in the Chancery building at 225 Main St., Rapid City. Now, Henderson and the WSDCF Administrative Assistant Cheryl Hubbeling have offices located in the Terra Sancta Campus at 2101 City Springs Road, west of Rapid City.

Numerous fundraising events were already in place when Henderson came on board including estate planning seminars, the Bishop’s Hunt, and Fishing for Seminarians.  “The main thing I added was the Western South Dakota Bishop’s Golf Classic,” said Henderson. “This golf tournament generates the most funds by quite a bit. Although the funds are important, I would add that the most important outcome for these events is building relationships and getting people familiar with the WSDCF.”

Henderson added, “It has truly been a blessing to work for the WSDCF and the diocese. I was able to work with a lot of great people, whether at the parish level, at the Chancery, my coworkers, committee members, board members, priests, or bishops.”

A subcommittee of the WSDCF board of directors is working to find a new executive director.

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