Synod of Bishops Survey

The Vatican is preparing for a Synod of Bishops on the topic of Young People, the Faith, and Vocational Discernment, to be held in October 2018.  They have put out a Preparatory Document, which can be found here:

The Vatican is collecting information based on several questions that they have put out in order to gather information for drafting the work-document or Instrumentum Laboris.

And so, they would like as many people as possible – young people ages 16-29, and adults ages 30 and up, to participate in a survey.  Our feedback will have an impact on this Synod of Bishops and their discussion.

A diocesan committee has put together this survey and made it available via Survey Monkey or in hard copy.  These surveys are due in to the diocese no later than September 1, 2017.

Here is the link to the online Survey Monkey:

Click here for a printable PDF (Please fill out and return to your parish or mail it to: Office of Youth & Young Adult Ministry, Diocese of Rapid City, 2101 City Springs Rd Ste 200, Rapid City, SD 57702.)

We would like to ask everyone to disseminate this survey as widely as possible, and here are some possible ways to share this:

1)      Email to your parishioners the link to Survey Monkey, and post it on your website.  If your parish has an app, you could send it out through the app.  Encourage parishioners ages 16 and up to go online and fill it out.  There is a possible pulpit and bulletin announcement below that you could use if it is helpful.

2)      Make hard copies of the survey available at Mass, for people to take home and then return to the parish, or mail to the Diocese:  Office of Youth & Young Adult Ministry, Diocese of Rapid City, 2101 City Springs Rd Ste 200, Rapid City, SD 57702.

3)      Gather small groups of people and complete the survey orally, with one person recording the groups answers.  Please indicate how many people were in the group, and their ages.  With small groups of youth or college students, you could gather them for a pizza party, do the survey, and the pray evening prayer or spend time in adoration together.

In Christ,
Synod Survey Committee
Fr. Jonathan Dillon,
Fr. Marcin Garbacz,
Fr. Mark McCormick,
Susan Safford,