Living the Mission Campaign

Bishop Gruss is leading the Diocese of Rapid City into the future through the Diocesan Priority Plan: Reconciliation, Forming Disciples, and Funding the Mission. In order to Fund the Mission, Bishop Gruss recognized the question, “What is our mission?,” needed to be addressed first. The five needs funded by Living the Missionwere identified as essential to carrying out the mission of Christ in western South Dakota.

All 81 parishes and missions in the Diocese of Rapid City are participating in the campaign. All 7,500+ Catholic households across 43,000 square miles are asked to consider a financial pledge to Living the Mission. Parishes will conduct their campaign with the assistance of a Campaign Director and the Campaign Office between October 2018 and June 2019. This timetable, scheduled within a four month window, provides flexibility and should accommodate all parish situations. Each parish’s participation will be based on five principles:

  1. Prayer
  2. Personal visitation
  3. Proportionate giving
  4. Phased approach
  5. Pledged commitment

Living the Mission FAQs

What is the campaign target and what does the money go towards?

The target for Living the Mission is $12,000,000. This is a comprehensive capital campaign in which funds raised will go toward five needs:

  1. New Pastoral Center
  2. Priest Pension Plan
  3. Native American Ministry Endowment
  4. Rapid City Catholic School System Endowment
  5. Thomas More High School Cafeteria and Multi-purpose Room

Will my parish benefit from the campaign?

When the parish goal is reached, all parishes receive 20% of parishioners’ gifts. All parishes will then receive 60% of gifts received over the parish goal. Likewise, all parishes benefit from shared ministries funded through Living the Mission campaign.

Why is each donor asked to complete a pledge card?

Each donor is asked to complete a pledge card so their gift will be appropriately recorded and acknowledged. The pledge card is an indication of good faith, an intent to meet the terms of the gift, and is not legally binding.