Lay Ministry Formation Program


The Lay Ministry Formation Program forms local lay leaders for ministry in the parishes of the Diocese of Rapid City. This approximately three-year program consists of weekly two-hour sessions with a summer break, along with an annual retreat. The program is based on the three volume Builders of the New Earth written for the Diocese by Frs. John E. Hatcher, S.J. and Patrick M. McCorkel, S.J. It uses scripture and references to the United States Catholic Catechism for Adults to form your understanding and knowledge of the teachings of Jesus Christ and the Church. Using an invitational model, you grow as you share what you discover with others in your small group.

Signing Up

If you are being called to be a more intentional disciple of Jesus Christ, and being asked, or have a desire, to lead others to a deeper relationship with Jesus, the Lay Ministry Formation Program can help form and prepare you. To learn more about the program, please visit with your pastor, attend one of the information sessions, or contact Deacon Greg Sass.

Information Sessions:


Current Classes

  • Faith – Began September 2019
  • Rapid City – Began October 2019
  • Timber Lake – Began January 2020


Association of Commissioned Lay Ministers

The Association of Commissioned Lay Ministers (ACLM) is an organization that supports the ongoing formation of the commissioned lay minsters. This organization operates as an independent organization. All commissioned lay ministers are members of the association. For more information, visit the website.