How to Pledge to Living the Mission

How will I be asked to participate in Living the Mission?

Your pastor and local campaign volunteers will explain how and when you will be invited to participate in Living the Mission. All parishioners can participate now by praying for the success ofLiving the Missionand considering their blessings in their prayers. Parishioners will be approached with personal visits, by mail and phone, and in the parish regarding how they can make pledged commitments to the campaign. Please accept any invitation to discuss the campaign with open minds and hearts, and as though the individual contacting you were your Pastor.

When will I have the opportunity to pledge to Living the Mission?

Parishioners will have the opportunity to pledge to Living the Mission when their parishes participate in the campaign at a local level. Please review the Participating Parishes page to see at what time your parish is participating in Living the Mission.

How will pledges be collected?

Completed pledge cards will be collected at the parish and sent to the diocesan Development Office. Pledge payments will be collected by the Development Office. Pledge reminders are available monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually.

What ways can I make a pledge to Living the Mission?

Gifts to Living the Missioncan be made most any way that is appropriate for the donor:

  1. Cash
  2. Check
  3. ACH or Electronic Funds Transfer
  4. Credit or Debit Card
  5. Gift of Stock/Commodities

Are stock and planned gifts accepted?

Donors may give appreciated securities. Bequests and other deferred gifts may also be made. Donors considering such gifts should contact the Development Office. Please also review the IRA Rollover and Gifts of Grain Flyers available in your parishes.

To whom should checks be made payable?

Checks for the campaign should be made payable to Living the Mission Capital Campaign.

Are gifts to Living the Mission tax-deductible?

All gifts made to the campaign are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. Donors should consult a tax professional if they have any questions about the tax treatment of their contributions.

How will remaining pledged commitments to the We Walk by Faith campaign and the Terra Sancta Guild be fulfilled?

Thank you for your significant gifts to these efforts. The needs for We Walk by Faith have been fulfilled. The Terra Sancta Guild has been suspended. Bishop Gruss recommends that any remaining pledged commitments or incoming gifts to these efforts be dedicated to the Living the Mission campaign. Please contact the diocese Development Office to discuss how to transfer any pledged commitments or gifts to Living the Mission