Bishop’s Hunt for Seminarians

Join Bishop Robert Gruss for the annual Bishop’s Hunt for Seminarians. There are several ways you can participate. First, the night before the hunt, we welcome you to enjoy the social and dinner prepared by the Stukel family. Second, come and enjoy hunting with the bishop and our seminarians. The hunt day begins with the rosary and a Mass celebrated by Bishop Robert Gruss. All proceeds will benefit our seminarians.

If you cannot attend the event, there are ways you can help. We greatly appreciate your financial assistance to help fund the education of our seminarians. The annual cost to educate a seminarian is more than $33,000. Over the course of the last three years, the diocese supported 16 men as they discerned the priesthood. What a blessing! Your generosity and support have helped form and shape young men discerning God’s incredible call to the priesthood. Your gifts and support truly are a blessing.

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