April 6th & May 4th (2-part course)| 8am-5pm

Who are we and how are we supposed to live?

These are the deepest questions that St. John Paul II sought with his catechesis of “Theology of the Body.” His teaching is ever more important today in a world that has often lost the vision of authentic love and the identity and mission of the human person.

This 2-part course (April 6 and May 4) will offer participants an opportunity to enter more deeply into the reality of human love, in the image and likeness of God’s love. It will explore the purpose of our existence in relation to love, the nature of authentic love, and how we are called to live this out in our daily lives. It will focus on human sexuality, marriage, and family as the primary arena in which we live out our identity to love. The course is primarily based on the teachings of St. John Paul II, often referred to as “Theology of the Body.”

The course will be theological, theoretical and immensely practical, and it will leave all participants feeling better equipped to live out their own vocation to love and to lead others to do the same – especially in the midst of a world in which this is ever more challenging. Do not miss this opportunity!

Presenter: Sr. Sara Kowal, SCTJM

Cost includes breakfast, lunch, Mass, presentations and resources for both dates.

This certification requires attendance at both dates.

Early bird $10 discount at registration: Use code “EARLYBIRD” at checkout.