Entries by Bishop Peter Muhich

Bishop Muhich December 2020

“Do not be afraid; for behold, I proclaim to you good news of great joy!” These words of the angel to the shepherds of Bethlehem keeping watch over their flocks are proclaimed every Christmas Eve by the church. They are words of comfort, not only to those 1st century shepherds, but also to us, the church in […]

Bishop Muhich November 2020

To everything there is a season…  The month of November coming as it does at the end of the liturgical year is filled with Scripture passages that speak of the “4 Last Things”: death, judgement, heaven, and hell. As the winter months stretch before us we see in the natural world (in the Northern hemisphere) […]

Bishop Muhich October 2020

Help us rise above our weaknesses Greetings to all the members of our beautiful diocese. I have continued to visit parishes across the diocese this past month and have enjoyed meeting a number of you and confirming a number of our youth. I am struck by the goodness of our people and how welcoming you have […]

Bishop Muhich September 2020

(Editor’s note: This is the annual vocation issue for the West River Catholic. Bishop Peter M. Muhich was interviewed by Editor Laurie Hallstrom on his personal vocation.) WRC: Fr. Mark McCormick, the diocesan vocations director, keeps reminding us that vocations begin in the home. How does that resonate with you? Bishop Muhich: My vocation began in […]

Bishop Muhich August 2020

Looking forward to upcoming visits During the month of August, I am enjoying my first visits to the parishes that make up our diocese. Coming from a northern forest and lakes region it has been fascinating for me to take in the beauty of the prairie with its wide open spaces and the rugged heights […]

Bishop Muhich July 2020

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, I am so grateful to God for the call to become the 9th Bishop of Rapid City. What a beautiful place this is and what a warm welcome I have received from you! Of course, this is all new to me so I have much to learn from you […]