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Vote Now: Fr. Hatcher, SJ, Lumen Christi Award Nominee

Vote now! Father John Hatcher, SJ, has been nominated for Catholic Extensions Lune Christi Award. Fr. John Hatcher, SJ Diocese of Rapid City After entering the Jesuits in 1961, Fr. John Hatcher quickly found himself working with Native people. Since 1975 he has dedicated himself to the Lakota people by founding, building and running the […]

St. Faustina — April 2016

“Be always merciful as I am merciful. Love everyone out of love for me, even your greatest enemies, so that My mercy may be fully reflected in your heart.” — Jesus to St. Faustina St. Faustina Kowalska is often called the Apostle of Mercy. The Lord Jesus chose Sr. Mary Faustina as the secretary of […]

St. Patrick — March 2016

Patrick eventually made it back home, but had a vision which took him on a different path: “I saw a man coming, as it were from Ireland. His name was Victoricus, and he carried many letters, and he gave me one of them. I read the heading: ‘The Voice of the Irish.’ As I began […]

St. John Vianney — February 2016

Truly a model of mercy for us in this Year of Mercy, St. John Vianney gave his life to reveal and to minister the mercy of God to as many people as he could. He grew up in France during the French Revolution and saw many priests and Catholics persecuted for their faith —forced into […]

Mary, Mother of Mercy — December 2015

  Mary, Mother of God and our mother, is truly the model of mercy among the saints to begin our Year of Mercy. As the mother of the Son of God, she participates in and reveals the mercy of God by sharing most intimately in his becoming man in the Incarnation. God’s superabundant mercy is […]

Rapid City Area Listener Relations Representative

 Real Presence Radio is seeking applicants for the following position: Rapid City Area Listener Relations Representative:  Assist the Listener Relation Coordinator with spreading the word about Real Presence Radio. 40 hours per month and requires work 3-5 hours one weekend per month on average. ·         Promote RPR in the local listening area ·         Manage local […]

Experiencing papal visit graced our country

I would suspect that if each person who experienced Pope Francis’ presence in Washington, D.C., New York or Philadelphia were able to share what that was like, it would be varied. But I think a common description would perhaps be “inspiring.” At least that would be my impression and experience. Pope Francis gave us all […]