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Was that the best you could do?

“I Was a Stranger … Welcoming the Stranger Through Hospitality,” was the theme for Pastoral Ministry Days, held at the end of March. During this time together we looked at how our parishes and we as individuals can reach out to others and invite all into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ. Bishop Robert Gruss […]

Why traditional marriage and families are important

The Sunday following the celebration of Christmas usually brings us the feast of the Holy Family. This feast gives families the opportunity to reflect upon the beauty of traditional marriage and the family as God has created it to be. The Son of God was born into a human family consisting of a loving mother […]

Diocese of Rapid City has been blessed by religious/consecrated

So many of us, or at least those near my age and older, have had the experience of being taught in Catholic schools by members of religious orders or congregations. The women and men religious have had a very profound impact in the life of the Catholic Church all throughout her history. In fact, their […]

The season of Advent must be lived in gratitude

In a world filled with consumerism, materialism, and entitlement, do we really live the totality of our lives with a deep sense of gratitude? Do we spend time each and every day with the Lord in grateful contemplation? The Roman phil-osopher Cicero spoke of gratitude as not simply what we owe, but the way in […]

What can be done with God’s gift of time?

In my last month’s West River Catholic article, I put forth a true definition of stewardship and its importance for each of us in answering our call to discipleship. My purpose in doing so is to begin to “prime the pump” for the implementation of a comprehensive stewardship process in the Diocese of Rapid City. […]

Through eyes of faith we can see and believe

I began my Ash Wednesday homily talking about this wonderful season of grace and how we are being offered an invitation to enter into a very powerful period in the church year. I ended it with, “Today Jesus — the one who loves us more than we can imagine — is calling us to himself […]