Christian Family Planning Seminar 2017 Schedule:

March 29 — Terra Sancta, Rapid City
April 8 — Cathedral of Our Lady of Pereptual Help, Rapid City
June 17 — Blessed Sacrament, Rapid City
September 16 St. Therese, Rapid City
November 18 — Cathedral of Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Rapid City

Bereavement Support Group, Heal Your Grief

2017 Dates: TBA

Beginning Experience® Level 1 Separated, Divorced & Widowed Support Group, Coping with Life Alone

2017 Dates: TBA

Beginning Experience®, Level 2 Support Group, Building Happiness.

2017 Date: TBA

Returning Catholic Ministry

2017 Dates & Locations: TBA

Retreat Ministry

Women’s Retreat: TBA
Men’s Retreat: 

Rachel’s Vineyard

2017 Dates: TBA

Married Sweethearts Mass and Dinner-Dance:

2017 Event: February 11, Terra Sancta Retreat Center

Celebration of Marriage

2017 Event: TBA