Easter Greetings!

As the apostles found out, the empty tomb was not the end, but the fulfillment of a promise, the beginning of something far beyond their imagination. And like them, the power of this life giving and saving event propels us into the world with a new sense of who we are and to what we are called to proclaim and give witness.

How blessed we are! “Christ rose triumphantly from the grave.” At the core of this miracle stands a God who embraces a fragile world with a love so deep, a love so undeserved, but so freely offered and given. May this love bring about peace in our torn world.

My prayers remain with you and your families as we celebrate this Easter joy. May Jesus set your hearts afire with his love so that we all become bearers of Christ’s radiant glory, filling world with this new life.

Peace and love in Christ,
+Bishop Robert Gruss



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Want to hear what Bishop Robert Gruss had to say during the Easter Triduum Masses? Homilies from Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter Vigil are available through iTunes. Click here for a link to the “Official Podcast for the Diocese of Rapid City.”