Ordinary Time

Nazareth — Reflections a prayers for the first three weeks of Ordinary time.

Advent Resources

Peace in Christ!  Advent is here! Below are some resources that you might be interested in for you this Advent! Some of these are available online and others are available for purchase.

Vocations Office Advent Booklethttp://gods-call.com/docs/Advent16.pdf

Theotokos Advent Booklethttp://priestlyformation.org/index.php?id=1756

Advent video series:  adventseries.com

Using FORMED to get the most out of Advent:  (webinar)

Magnificat Advent Companionhttp://bookstore.magnificat.net/advent-companion-2565.html

Lighthouse Media:  Great books, CDs, and DVDs for $1.50 each

Discover FORMED

 Blessed Advent to you!


The Christmas Season

Nativity (A Retreat for Christmas) by Fr. Mark Toups
“Nativity is a resource you can use to go on retreat in the midst of your busy life. People go on retreat all the time. People go on lots of different retreats. Some retreats are at monasteries, others are at retreat centers, and still others are at churches. Regardless of when or where, retreat is essentially a time in a person’s life where they commit to being present to God—to pray, to listen, and to receive.”